How much is Brenda Gantt Worth ?

Brenda Gantt may be a familiar name to anyone who enjoys Southern home cuisine. The Alabama-based former schoolteacher, chef, and social media personality rose to prominence during the pandemic thanks to her Facebook cooking videos, in which she displayed her friendly personality and mouthwatering recipes. Brenda is well-liked by many, as evidenced by her over 2.5 million Facebook followers and nearly 190k Instagram followers. However, what is Brenda Gantt’s worth? This video article examines Brenda’s net worth and income sources, as well as her heritage, family, and forthcoming cookbook, “It’s Gonna Be Good, Y’all.” Following !

How much is Brenda Gantt Worth ?
How much is Brenda Gantt Worth ?

I. Introduction Brenda Gantt Worth

Welcome to this in-depth video article about Brenda Gantt, the social media sensation who has captivated the hearts and palates of people around the world. Brenda is a former educator, chef, and social media personality whose Facebook culinary videos are her most well-known work. Her videos demonstrating her warm personality and delicious recipes have garnered millions of views and followers. Many individuals have pondered Brenda Gantt’s net worth as a result of her rising popularity. This article examines Brenda’s net worth and income sources, as well as her heritage, family, and forthcoming cookbook, “It’s Gonna Be Good, Ya’ll.” Consequently, let’s delve into Brenda Gantt’s universe and determine why she has become one of the most popular social media figures.

II. Brenda Gantt’s Background

A. From Schoolteacher to Social Media Personality

Brenda Gantt’s path to social media stardom started with a simple video about homemade biscuits. In the spring of 2020, during the pandemic lockdown, Brenda saw her own business being affected, and she uploaded a video about baking homemade biscuits to her Facebook page. The video was initially intended for her closest friends, but it went viral within two weeks, reaching over a million views. It was at this moment that Brenda realized her talent for cooking and her natural charm could make her a star.

With the help of her tech-savvy son-in-law, Brenda founded the Cooking with Brenda Gantt Facebook page. She continued uploading videos on the page and struck upon an audience in lockdown and looking for some sweet Southern home-cooking. Her page currently has over 2.5 million followers, with a perfect 5-star rating from 6.3k reviews.

Brenda’s videos feature a wide range of recipes, from classic Southern dishes like tomato gravy and mac n’ cheese to sweet treats like chocolate fudge pie. But what sets Brenda apart is not just her cooking skills but her warm and endearing personality. She speaks with a Southern drawl and often greets her audience with a cheerful “Hey, y’all!” Her friendly demeanor and genuine love for cooking make her videos a joy to watch.

B. Brenda Gantt’s Southern Charm and Faith

Brenda Gantt’s Southern charm is an essential part of her appeal. Born and raised in Alabama, Brenda embodies the hospitality and warmth that is often associated with the South. Her videos showcase not only her cooking skills but her love for her family and her community. She often features her grandchildren in her videos, and her husband, George, was a beloved figure in their hometown of Andalusia.

But perhaps what makes Brenda even more endearing is her faith. Brenda is a devout Christian, and she often talks about her beliefs in her videos. Instead of driving her viewers away, her faith makes her all the more likable. She radiates kindness and love, and her viewers often comment on how much they appreciate her positive attitude and her message of hope.

Brenda’s faith is also evident in her involvement with her church. She and her husband, George, were both educators at the Bethany Baptist Church for many years. After George passed away in 2018, Brenda continued to attend services and be an active member of the church community.

In conclusion, Brenda Gantt’s Southern charm and faith are essential parts of her appeal. Her warm personality and genuine love for cooking have made her a beloved figure on social media, and her faith has only added to her charm and endearment. In the next section, we will explore Brenda’s net worth and income sources, and how her social media success has impacted her life.

III. Brenda Gantt’s Net Worth and Income Sources

A. The Stardom of Grandma in the United States

Brenda Gantt’s net worth is estimated at $500,000 thanks to her popularity on social media. Her meteoric ascent to stardom caught everyone by surprise, but she has since become one of the most followed individuals on Facebook and Instagram, with videos featuring her garnering hundreds of millions of views.

Brenda’s success is due to more than just her cuisine; it’s also due to her charming personality. People are naturally drawn to her because of her genuine nature and endearing demeanor. Her audience has responded with an outpouring of love and support after seeing her films, which highlight her Southern hospitality and friendly nature.

B. Brenda Gantt, a local celebrity who also runs a family-owned bed and breakfast

Brenda’s success has also made her a household name in Alabama, where her family runs a bed and breakfast called The Cottle House Bed & Breakfast. Brenda’s great-grandparents built the inn back in the 1890s, therefore the inn bears the name of those pioneers. Brenda takes great delight in the fact that the Cottle House has been in her family for many years.

Brenda’s business experience is not limited to the bed and breakfast she owns. In an effort to capitalize on the popularity of her catchphrase “It’s Gonna Be Good, Y’all,” she has partnered with a local clothing business to produce and sell products bearing the phrase. She has also collaborated with a nearby distillery to produce a line of cocktails with a decidedly Southern flavor.

C. Order Brenda Gantt’s Cookbook in Advance

Later this year, Brenda will issue her debut cookbook, titled “It’s Gonna Be Good, Y’all,” which will include more than a hundred of the dishes that have made her famous across the world. Fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of her cookbook, which can be pre-ordered for $34.95.

Both tried-and-true favorites like Brenda’s handmade biscuits, tomato gravy, and mac ‘n cheese, and brand-new creations will be included in the cookbook. Brenda’s cookbook is a celebration of her Southern roots and family history as well as a testimonial to her skills in the kitchen.

In sum, Brenda Gantt’s wealth and several revenue streams are evidence of her success as a social media star and businesswoman. Her meteoric ascent to fame caught everyone by surprise, but she has quickly shown herself to be a clever businesswoman by exploiting her newfound status to boost the profile of her family’s bed and breakfast. Her next cookbook is one another way she’ll introduce the globe to the delicious cuisine and rich culture of the American South. Next, we’ll talk about Brenda’s parents and siblings and how they’ve shaped her.

IV. Brenda Gantt’s Family

A. Brenda Gantt’s Husband Died in 2018

Brenda Gantt’s family has played a significant role in her life, both in her personal and professional endeavors. Brenda was married to her husband, George Patton Gantt, for over five decades before he passed away in 2018. George was a beloved figure in their hometown of Andalusia, Alabama, where he had worked as an Alabama Beverage Control Board officer and retired as the Chief and Director after 25 years of service. He was also a devout Christian and served as an educator at the Bethany Baptist Church for three decades.

Brenda and George jointly ran The Cottle House Bed & Breakfast, and his passing was a significant loss for both Brenda and the community. Despite her loss, Brenda has continued to maintain a solid social media presence while overseeing the B&B. She has shown incredible strength and resilience, inspiring her fans with her positivity and love for life.

B. Brenda Gantt’s Children and Grandchildren

Brenda and George had two children: son Dallas Gantt and daughter Hannah Gantt. Both of her children are adults with their own families.

Dallas is in law enforcement like his father before him and serves as an officer for the Tuscaloosa Police Department. He is married to fellow officer Anna Gantt and has two children with her: daughter Isabella Gantt and son William Gantt.

Similarly, Hannah is married to Walt Merrell, an Alabama District Attorney. They have three daughters: Bay Merrell, Cape Merrell, and Banks Merrell. Brenda often features her grandchildren in her social media posts and videos, showcasing her love for her family and the importance of family in her life.

Brenda’s family has been a significant source of support and love throughout her life, and she has often credited them with being her inspiration for cooking and her love of life. Despite her husband’s passing, Brenda’s family has continued to be a significant part of her life, and she has shown that her family values are an integral part of her success and her message of hope and positivity.

In conclusion, Brenda Gantt’s family has been an essential part of her life, providing her with love and support throughout her personal and professional endeavors. Her husband’s passing was a significant loss, but Brenda has shown incredible strength and resilience in continuing to pursue her passions and inspire her fans. Her children and grandchildren continue to be a significant source of joy and inspiration in her life, and she has demonstrated the importance of family in her message of Southern hospitality and warmth.

V. Closing Paragraph

The world of cooking will never be the same, and neither will the lives of those who met and were influenced by Brenda Gantt. Although her meteoric ascent to prominence caught everyone by surprise, she proved that persistence, enthusiasm, and dedication can lead to financial success. Brenda’s message of hope and happiness has connected with people all over the world, and her Southern hospitality, compassion, and faith have earned her millions of fans.

Brenda has never forgotten the value of her background or the role it played in her rise to prominence. Her cookbook, “It’s Gonna Be Good, Y’all,” is an ode to her passion for the kitchen and her Southern roots; it will no doubt find a permanent place on cookbook shelves everywhere. Brenda’s message of love, generosity, and hospitality will remain with us long after she is gone.

Brenda’s legacy will live on in the kitchen and in the hearts of those who have been uplifted by her infectious optimism for years to come. Her work ethic, compassion, and true care for people will live on in her descendants. Though her wealth is substantial, Brenda Gantt’s influence and legacy are priceless.


A. Brenda Gantt became well-known when?

In the spring of 2020, at the height of the pandemic, Brenda Gantt became widely known. Within two weeks, her Facebook video about making handmade biscuits had received over a million views. From then, her fame soared, garnering millions of views and fans on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram.

B. What was the title of Brenda Gantt’s debut book?

The title of Brenda Gantt’s debut novel is “It’s Gonna Be Good, Y’all.” Over a hundred of Brenda’s most popular recipes are included in the booklet, including her well-known handmade biscuits, tomato gravy, mac & cheese, and chocolate fudge pie.

C. How much is the cookbook by Brenda Gantt?

Pre-orders for Brenda Gantt’s cookbook “It’s Gonna Be Good, Y’all” begin at $34.95. The cookbook will likely become a popular addition to kitchens all over the world when it is released later this year.

D. Brenda Gantt’s children and grandchildren: who are they?

Dallas and Hannah Gantt, Brenda Gantt’s son and daughter, respectively. Daughter Isabella Gantt and son William Gantt are Dallas’s children from a marriage to fellow officer Anna Gantt. Bay Merrell, Cape Merrell, and Banks Merrell are the couple’s three daughters. Hannah is married to Alabama district attorney Walt Merrell. In her social media posts and videos, Brenda frequently includes her grandchildren, expressing her love for her family and the value of family in her life.

E. Brenda Gantt’s husband passed died when?

George Patton Gantt, the spouse of Brenda Gantt, died in the latter part of 2018 at the age of 72. George, an Andalusia, Alabama, native, served for 25 years as the Chief and Director of the Alabama Beverage Control Board before retiring. He was a devoted Christian who spent three decades working as an instructor at the Bethany Baptist Church. Brenda, who is in charge of The Cottle House Bed & Breakfast, has kept up a strong social media presence despite his passing.

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