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There are always activities taking place in the busy town of Philip and endless opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy!  Below are just a few:


golf1The Lake Waggoner Golf Course is open for play. Located just 2 1/2 miles north of Philip. It is an established, challenging, but golfer friendly 9-hole course, with watered greens and fairways.  The Lake Waggoner Golf Course has become a very relaxing and enjoyable outing destination for many area families.  Come join us!


People in the community enjoy roping and rodeo. TheseRodeo_web sports reflect the community's agricultural roots. The city has a lighted rodeo arena with grandstands and chutes for various events. In the summer of 2010 Philip hosted the Fourth Annual Invitational Matched Bronc Ride that brought many nationally ranked cowboys to our area to entertain huge crowds of people from all around the Philip area.   During the summer months the local roping club meets several times a week at the Philip arena to practice roping skills.

 Lake Waggoner

4th_of_July_04_-_sunsetClean air and sunshine can be found in Philip where boating, water skiing, swimming, camping  and fishing are within minutes of Philip at Lake Waggoner.  Lake Waggoner, just north of Philip,  provides the people of Philip great recreation options, with modernized camp sites and access to a great recreational lake.


For adults, the city has a softball league with games in the evening about five times a week. People in the community play other teams within the community as well as teams throughout most of Western South Dakota. Both of these leagues are supported by volunteers, sponsors, and local businesses, and are a good example of the community cooperation in Philip. The Night Owl is a featured tournament that is played every year in Philip, which brings teams from all over the state to compete in an all night, all day, double elimination softball tournament. If you have a team interested in participating, please call Trace O'Connell (605) 685-3099 for more information.


During the summer months, a popular sporting activity is playing baseball and softball. The city has lighted baseball and softball fields and the best dirt infields in the state. For children and young adults there is a summer baseball league. Children can begin playing baseball around six years old and can continue to do so until they are seventeen. The Little League Baseball Season is gearing up for another season. Please contact Amber Rush for more information (605) 859-3351 on how your child can participate.

 Swimming Pool

The City of Philip Swimming Pool is a new zero-entry pool. You can find out more about the pool by calling the courthouse.

Please use caution and supervise children closely when visiting the HCYW Kiddie Park and other areas around the pool.

Hunting and Fishing

The Philip area is home to an abundance of animals. Through local organizations like Pheasants Forever, Ducks Unlimited, and the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks, along with conservation practices by area farmers and ranchers, both game and non-game species are thriving, and will do so for years to come.


During the fall, hunters can pursue big game like mule deer and whitetail deer, antelope, and turkeys with bows, shotguns, and rifles. Many people
consider big game hunting in Haakon County to be some of the best hunting in South Dakota.

Upland birds are also hunted in the fall. The county has populations of pheasants, sharptail grouse, and prairie chickens. Recently, the Federal Crop Reserve Program has greatly increased the populations of these birds. Under this program highly erodible land is taken out of production and planted with wild grasses. These grasses provide important nesting cover and food for many species of birds.

Prairie Dogs are numerous in the area and are popular with many shooters. The coyote, also numerous, is hunted by many people. Most often hunters choose to decoy this animal with calls that sound like an animal in distress. This method of hunting is very popular and often ends up bringing the animal excitingly close.

Most of the land in the Philip area is privately owned by farmers and ranchers and hunters need to ask permission from the landowners and always treat the property with respect. Without the support of these landowners hunting in the area would be impossible. This makes it necessary for hunters to maintain good standing with landowners.  For more information about hunting in the Philip area visit 
South Dakota Game Fish and Parks home page

Guided Hunting Opportunities:

South Fork Ranch Hunting
Dakota Ranch Outfitters


There are numerous fishing opportunities around the Philip area.  Lake Waggoner is north of Philip, providing boating and fishing.  Many landowners allow fishing in stock dams on the prairie.


Clay King and his massive bass taken at a stock dam near Philip

Hunting Areas & Wildlife Guide

Species Codes - P=Pheasants, G=Grouse, UG=Other Upland Game, WD=White-tailed Deer, MD=Mule Deer, E=Elk, T=Turkey, A=Antelope, WF=Waterfowl, FB=Furbearers





 Budde  160  P,G,UG, T,WD, MD, A, WF  10.5 W, 3N 1 W of Philip
 Denke  1600  P, G, UG, WD, MD, A, WF, FB  11N, 14 W of Philip
 Gottsleben  200  P, G, UG, T, WD, MD, A, WF  5.5W, 3N, 2W, 1N of Philip
 Kampfe  2320  P, G, UG, T, WD, MD, A, WF  17 N, 10W of Philip
 McIlravy  8240  P, G, UG, T, WD, MD, A, WF  10.5 N of Philip
 Nelson  4000  P, G, UG, WD, MD, A, WF  9E, 7N, of Philip
 Parker  560  P, G, UG, T, WD, MD, A, WF  22N, 2W, 5N of Midland
 Roseth  160  P, G, UG, T, WD, MD, A, WF  10.5 N, 7E, 3N, .5 E of Philip
 B. Thorson  1440  P, G, UG, T, WD, MD, A, WF  13 W, 7 N of Philip
 L. Wintrode (1)  1400  P, G, UG, T, WD, MD, A, WF  10W of Philip
 L. Wintrode (2)  320  P, G, UG, T, WD, MD, A, WF  13W, 2S of Philip

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